Violin Recital, Mary Had a Little Lamb

Gracie did a super job at her second violin recital. We are so proud of her!



Our Big Weekend

We just had one the busiest, most fun weekends around.  We had a soccer game, Earth Day Birthday, violin recital and singing at church all in the same weekend.  And, we got to spend it with grandma, great-grandma, Aunt Katie, Uncle Nate, Taylor, Emily and Jacob.  We had so much fun, we didn’t really have time to stop and take pictures.  James helped, he took most of the soccer game pictures! Gracie is number 6.

113 109 104 101 099 097 088 084 065 059 056

Come See Me

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Come See Me Festival has come and gone. We had a great time.   Everything trucks was one of our favorites. The truck with my picture on it even happened to be there.  The kids had fun “driving”, honking horns and seeing all the equipment.  The kids also helped Clean & Green pass out trash and recycle bags at Come See Me tailgate.  They did a fantastic job and we had fun watching fireworks later that night. Can’t wait until next year!


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Soccer season has started! Gracie is having a blast, she is number 6.  Her friends Lily and James are on her team too. James is having playing cars with his buddy Jack.  Good times for everyone.

Fun in Columbia

IMG_2313 IMG_2327 IMG_2318 IMG_2319 IMG_2325

A few weeks ago we went to J’s parents house in Columbia. The kids had fun playing outside, playing on the pond and riding go karts.  It was fun to see family.

Easter, part 2

We had a wonderful Easter.  We went to sunrise service and then had breakfast at Church.  We came home and found the Easter baskets and played.  We had friends come over for lunch and we hid some eggs for the kids in the playroom.  I think they had the most fun attacking Devon.  It was a was a wonderful way to celebrate the Grace bestowed on us and the joy and hope we have in Christ.  Our goal this year to remain “Easter People” throughout the year, remembering the hope we have in the One who died and rose again.