The Art Show!

We have been hearing about the School Days Art Show for weeks! The kids have been busy practicing their songs and making art.  The evening of The Art Show finally arrived and it did not disappoint.  Each class sang some songs on the porch and of course they all did a great job.  Then the 10 rising Kindergarteners got to walk over the bridge and graduate.  There may have been a few tears shed.  After that we all got to go inside and see the amazing art work they’ve been preparing.  Each child had their own gallery area.  It was really wonderful and the kids loved showing off what they’ve been working on.  We also got to have lemonade and cookies on the porch! It was a fun night and we have loved being at School Days this year!

graduate 054 053 052 051 050 049 048 047 046 043 041 039 038 036 034 033 031 027 023 018 013 012 011 008 005 004 003




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