We had another great trip to the beach.  We had fun swimming, “surfing”, playing in the sand, spending time with family and riding rides.


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Hot Rides

We went to a car show in Charlotte at the Z Max Speedway. James was in heaven getting to see life sized hot wheels.  J kept calling them hot rods, but James prefers to call them hot rides. I like it.  Gracie also liked looking at all the cool cars.  The nice guys at the race car booth even let them climb in and sit behind the wheel. And I mean climb literally, it was a real race car, so  no working doors, they went through the window.  At the end of the event a bunch of the hot rides lined up on the drag way and set a new world record for the most cars participating in a burnout. I think it was 74.  Good times.

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Memorial Day Fun.


Memorial Day weekend we had fun with friends.  We had our about 7 families over for bbq, running through the sprinkler, swing set and beach ball fun.  They kids raged in age from 5 years to 6 months and all played together so well.  It was a great way to kick off summer with great friends.

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Last Soccer Game

Another great soccer season has come to an end.  There was an equal amount of silliness and soccer at the last game.  We had so much fun with both James and Lily on Gracie’s team this year.  Can’t wait until next year.

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003A few weeks ago we rode the light rail up to Charlotte and went to the Symphony’s  Lollipop Series concert, it’s Symphony for kids. This particular concert also included dancers from the NC Dance Theater.  They were performing different fairy tales.  The kids loved it! Beforehand they had a musical “petting zoo” where the kids got to try out different instruments.  We will definitely go back next year.  We also went to the Wells Fargo museum which had a lot of fun, hands-on activities.  002 004 005 017 016 013 009 018 020 023 024 028 027 026 025 029 030