Catching up…

Just a little catching up, 4th of July with the Craig’s (yes, that is J hanging out on the pirate ship!), Sara made muffins with the kids one day and documented the process,   there a few shots from the trip J and I took to Savannah, and a fun day on the water, including Gracie knee boarding.  We’ve been having a fun summer, just  4 more weeks until school starts.


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Fun at Grandma’s!

We had a fun trip to KC.  We had fun playing with grandma (lots of Candyland, Checkers and Sorry), going for walks, playing at the park, going to Splash Cove, meeting Molly for lunch, going to see the Curious George exhibit, touring the Hallmark Visitors Center, having a birthday party for a certain 34 year old, visiting Karly and Brandon and having Marilyn, Jerome and Janet over for dinner.  In addition to that we went to Jeff City for a day to visit Great Grandma.  My brother and his family met us there.  We all had lunch and then went to a park and the Missouri State capital for a fun tour.  We came home happy and worn out and ready to go back!

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