Snow Day!

We got some snow in SC, so everything has shut down.  We’ve taken advantage of the bonus day off to stay in our jammies (this seems to be  theme for our days off…), play outside, sled, and eat snow cream.

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Beach Time

We went to the Young Life Regional Leader Retreat again this year.  J’s mom went along too which was big fun.  We had a great time hanging out with our York County Staff and Volunteers, we had worship with the Cash Family Band at the House of Blues and heard some great, Gospel centered messages.  We spent a little windy time on the beach, but mostly  hung out in the heated pool, lazy river and hot tub.  Can’t wait until next year.

DSCN1798 DSCN1799 DSCN1801 DSCN1802 DSCN1803

Fort Fun

We had a long weekend for MLK day, and so of course we built a fort, and left it up for 3 days, and  mostly stayed in our pajamas.




I forgot I had some videos on my camera. Enjoy these sweet moments. I’ve especially enjoyed watching the summer fun on this cold winter day.