Daddy Daughter Dance

J and Gracie went the Daddy/Daughter Dance last week.  They had the best time.  As is their tradition, they went to dinner with another little girl and her dad before the dance.  They had a great time!  James and I went out to dinner while they partied the night away.

DSCN1837 DSCN1838 DSCN1839 DSCN1840


Snow, round two

We have snow in SC again.  We had early dismissal on Tuesday, and I don’t think we’ll make it back at all this week.  Oh, and we have Monday off for President’s day.  Oh boy.  J’s cousin Thomas is here with us too so that’s been fun.  The kids are bouncing off the walls, no school, about 6 inches of snow and a fun cousin to play with.  We’re having fun!


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